Krome Building Psychiatric Clinic and Krome SPC Psychiatric Clinic: Design and Construction of Institutional Facility; Hurricane Windows, Maximum Security Installation including treatment, administration and patient rooms with high-tech monitoring system.

Water Control Structure for South Florida Water Management District.


Krome Processing Center Building 8 Chiller Upgrade the HVAC system of the Building #8 with capacity for 300 inmates. The work included the supply and installation of new 80 Ton. Chiller and new piping.

Krome Maintenance and Repairs Project:

Construction of Building 8 renovation, Dormitory building for 120 inmates. The property is located inside the secure area of the Krome Service Processing Center of Homeland Security. This project also includes new lake shore protection, new perimeter and internal roads


Miami Dade Public Works Pump Station at 6990 NW 97 Ave. Design and Construction of 3 sets of pumps for total 7000 gpm pumping capacity of leachate and sewer. Included new control system and water meter.

Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department 30 Inches

DIP Force Main along Krome Avenue:

Design and Construction Management Services for a 30 Inch FM from

SW 88 St to SW 12 St along Krome Ave.

Pump Station

Miami Dade County Public Works Department NW 112 and 114 St Intersections:

Design and Construction Support Services for paving, drainage, signaling, maintenance of traffic and paving marking for the intersection of NW 112th and NW 114th Streets with NW 41st Avenue in Miami Dade County.